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For existing houseplants + care assistance:

Starts at $150 includes 1.5 hour on-site visit as well as follow-up specific PDF guide for your existing houseplants as well as recommended houseplants for your setting.

Consultations for houseplant recommendations including on-site visit, individually tailored houseplant guide and individualized plant proposal:

  • $300 for small apartments/condos 1,000 sq. feet or under

  • $500 for condos/homes or small offices 1,000 sq. feet and above 

New clients currently being accepted: Ongoing Houseplant/Tropical Indoor Plant Care + Maintenance:

Commercial spaces


*Rate based on more than 20 plants

includes maintenance, pruning, pest treatment

Materials such as stakes, soil, additional pots, or additional hours for repot extra service charge 

Residential spaces

Dependent upon type/#of plants: starts at $125/visit 

*not currently offering* Home/condo/residential houseplant + planter styling, delivery and installation: starts at $1,000. Our vaccinated team does it all for you, leaving you with a perfectly tailored and detailed planty jungle of your liking. We offer follow-up plant maintenance services.

All repotting/and styling/design/installation projects require a paid deposit ahead of plant delivery or service as well as contract agreement.

// Contact us directly if you don't see a houseplant service you are looking for listed above or fill out our inquiry form here.

We do not specialize in outdoor plant care as well as planter design.

Houseplant Services: About


Calling all the planty people

Three Plants


Let us go planty crazy for you

At Plant Run we are happy to do virtual visits or safe in-person plant consultations for your needs. We analyze available sunlight, humidity levels and plants that are best tailored to your lifestyle/children/pets. We will also send you customized guides to review with detailed houseplant recommendations for your home or office.


Surprise a planty person with a new friend

We will work with you to help create the perfect houseplant gift for that special planty person. We can provide just houseplants, houseplants in perfectly designed pots, planters and more.


"Live in abundance, be a planty person"

Houseplants can be intimidating - we get it! You may have helped the demise of the ever-so hardy Peace Lily or snake plant. You may not have a clue of any houseplant genus and walking into a plant shop is a chore. You may just want help selected more plants for your home, building upon what you already have. 

At Plant Run Boston we will visit your home and office and work closely with you to help choose happy, healthy plants that will thrive in your care & environment. 

Houseplant Services: Services

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Houseplant Services: Welcome
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