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In-person Professional Houseplant Consultations

What is a houseplant consultation? 

For homes/offices with existing plants:

We help you with your plant(s) placement so they can thrive, help you identify your plants and learn about their individual needs, offer a customized indoor plant care and maintenance guide after our visit fully walking you through how to help your plants live their best lives. 

For those who want more plants or are just beginning:

Our vaccinated team joins you at your home/office to hear all about what you envision for your space. Maybe you would like plants with a pop of color, tall plants, trailing plants...We will inventory what lighting you have available, and identify proper plants to recommend for each designated space in your home or office. Following this consultation, we send a specifically crafted for you houseplant recommendation guide with tropical plants that will thrive in your home/office. 

Plant Run Boston is able to assist with the styling and design of new houseplants for your home and office following a consultation. 

Plant Run Boston offers ongoing maintenance for your houseplants as an add-on service for both home and small office/business.

Areas we visit: 
















Greater Boston area 

Central, Massachusetts

Auburn, Massachusetts

Shrewsbury, Massachusetts

Worcester, Massachusetts

Westborough, Massachusetts 

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